Company Overview

We are help you to grow your business

Tomer Capital is an advisory firm that specializes in privately negotiated transactions between private middle market companies and high quality private equity groups. We have a prominent record and respected reputation for successfully helping privately held middle market companies navigate the challenges, accelerating growth through acquisitions, finding hidden value and planning exit strategies. Discretion and confidentiality underline our approach to re-capitalizations. We actively and aggressively seek new opportunities through our professionally managed and trained sales force and our research based approach to origination.

Our advisory team comprised of quality business people with real in the trenches experiences and our long standing personal relationships with the world’s foremost private equity groups sets us apart from traditional firms. We are industry agnostic and have completed transactions across verticals including agriculture, transportation, real estate, media, telecom, software, healthcare and all kinds of manufacturing, service and distribution companies.

The common denominator throughout Tomer Capital transaction history is that our clients tend to be high quality companies broadly in the middle market that have a need or a desire to access capital where the right fit is just as important, if not more important, than the last dime.

While investment banking can be a bit of a mystery to outsiders, Tomer Capital it as helping clients to grow – whether that involves buying other companies, or developing long-term financial strategies, or restructuring its balance sheet. Investment banking includes mergers and acquisitions (M&A) work, which can help companies become more profitable by becoming bigger or by slimming down through spinning off inefficient businesses.

Global Network

Tomer Capital top quality team are based in New York, London, Tel Aviv, Singapore, Moscow and Paris.